Miriam is a busy girl! Check out her hectic schedule and find out where she and her shoes will be!

- January 29th: Miriam will show her shoes at the Amsterdam Fashion Week during MTV's Valtifashion.
- February 9th: Miriam's shoes will be published by the magazine ESTA.
- March 7th: Miriam's shoes will be published by the shoemagazine Step Magazine in Germany.
- March 9th: Miriam will be guest speaking at the Artez Honours Programme about Fashion and Postmodernism.
- March 26th: Miriam is asked to be a judge for the fashion department of Kunstbende 2011.
- March 31th: Miriams shoes will be showed during the exhibition at the clogmuseum in Eelde. You can visit this exhibition untill November 2011.
- April 10th: Miriam has her very own solo exhibition at the Shoemuseum, Waalwijk. You can visit this great exhibtion till June 5th.
- May 5th: Miriam has her own shoedesign show at the LiberationFestival in Zwolle. Go visit the show at the studentertainment area, at 20:45.
- May 19th: Miriam wil be guest speaking at the second exhibition of BAGSHOES in Zwolle. Her designs will also be showed during this exhibition.
- July: Miriam will graduate as first degree teacher Education in Art, cum laude, at ArtEZ high school of art Zwolle.
- July: Fashion label Studio Ruig used Miriams shoes for their fashion shoot, pictures will follow.
- September: Miriam's shoes were used during the 3th episode of Hollands Next Top Model 2011. Not only the models but also catwalkqueen Mariana Verkerk rocked Miriam's shoes!
- September: Miriam started with a new job as fashiondesign and stling teacher at Landstede, Zwolle.
-October 16th: Miriams shoes are used by hairdesigner Margriet Peschar, who is runner up for the L’Oréal Professionnel Color Trophy. The event was held in Carre Amsterdam, and hosted by Sylvie an
- October 28th: Miriam will visit radio BNR Amsterdam to join an interview by Bas Westerweel, together with Jan Jansen. They will talk about their shared passion; Shoes!
- October 29th: BNR will broadcast the radio interview with Jan Jansen and Miriam van Weeghel at 12:00 o'clock.
- December: Miriams work is published in the new dutch magazine InHolland

- February: Miriams work is used by the fashionlabel Studio Ruig
- February: Miriams works is published in fashionmagazine InStyle, combined with fashionlabel Studio Ruig.
- April: Miriams work is published by shoemagazine Tred.
- June: Miriams vision s a fashionteacher was published by Artez
- June: Miriams shoes are shown at the exhibition Oranienbauw, Germany
- September: Miriams vision as a fashionteacher was published by artmagazine Kunstzone

- February: Miriam moved and started a new working place
- March till September: Miriams shoes are shown at the exhibition "Starker Auftritt; Experimentelles Schuhdesign" at the GRASSI Museum für Angewandte Kunst
- May: Fashion Magazine ELLE placed a hughe article about Miriam and her shoes. The article is called "standing strong in your shoes" and is for sale all over the Netherlands.
- July: Miriam organised a hughe Fashion show for her Landstede Fashion & Styling students, called Fashion Forward 2013, in collaboration with her dear collegues and Bureau Ruis.
- September: Miriams shoes are published in the book "Starker Auftritt"
- September: Miriam started a new year as fashion Design & History teacher and Education & Course director of the Landstede Fashion & Styling department.
- September: Over 3000 people watched the fashionshow Miriam organised with her dear collegues and students during the "MBO Bruisweek", Zwolle.
- Oktober: Miriam was also appointed chief Marketing & Communication of Landstede Fashion & Styling.
- Novemebr: Miriam organised a design challange for her students. Tey had to design new cheerlead outfits, made from the official Basketball and Volley-ball uniforms. check it out at
- December 4th: Miriam will run on her highest heels. She organised a real StilettoRun together with her Landstede Fashion&Styling students and collegues, to raise money for "Het leger des heils". With the money, her students will provide beautiful christmas outfits for 21 home- and helpless people who live in Zwolle.

Expected in 2014:
- February-May: Miriams shoes will be shown during "State of the arts" at Het Stedelijk Museum Zwolle
- June 4th: 
- Miriam will organise the 2014 edition of  Fashion Forward for her Landstede Fashion & Styling students, in collaboration with her dear collegues and Bureau Ruis.